NY1 OnStage...it hurts
Posted by: danr 12:03 am EDT 03/13/17

1. Frank DiLella, it's okay for the camera to pan away from you once in a while. We know you are running this thing now, but feel free to share the spotlight a bit.
2. I was so excited for the performances of The View Upstairs, but don't bother if you can properly record the sound. The first number was just a wall of noise.
3. Save Roma Torre from this nightmare. Every week she just looks so tired of trying to make this half banter/half review - sorry, her thoughts, as Frank previews - work but it's clear she just wants to get more thoughts out there. And hey, thanks for telling us "scripted reviews" can be found on that nightmare of their website.
4. Only two other people talk with Frank's bizarrely sing-songy cadence - Patrick Pacheco and Stephanie Simon - so stop pretending that Broadway Whispers isn't Stephanie. Or Frank or Patrick in a wig.

I was almost liking it for a couple of weeks, but thank god I watch this on TiVo so I can FF.

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