Brigadoon 70th Anniversary - original chorus member project
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Hello everyone!

Well, this marks the 70th anniversary of the opening of Brigadoon on Broadway. I thought it might be an appropriate time to share information on the documentary I'm making on one of the chorus members of the show, John Schmidt.

John turned 95 in January and lives near me in Columbus, Ohio. It's a long story on how we met last fall, but once he let slip he performed on Broadway and on tour from 1945-1953, I was all ears. In addition to he and his wife's Broadway careers, he was in WWII, a national pole vaulting champion, was a private detective, television host, college professor, educational filmmaker - and a tree farmer.

The theatre company I now lead (with which John was a past performer) is producing the documentary and is raising funds for it. The link to the GoFundMe site is below this message. A promotional video is there and an "updates" section to which I am adding various articles and photos every week.

John was in Polonaise, Brigadoon, Out of This World, and Paint Your Wagon, and he was also in the pre-Broadway tryouts and post-Broadway tours (save for OOTW which didn't have one). He has lots of stories to tell about all of the shows and we plan to make the finished documentary available on YouTube.

Here is a link to an article about the project for which John and I were interviewed. He's still quite a character at 95 and potentially one of the last surviving members of the original Broadway casts of the shows he was in.


If you go to the "updates" section on the GoFundMe site linked above, you'll see a photo of John from Brigadoon as well as others from his Broadway career, including with Burl Ives and Frederick Lowe from the Paint Your Wagon tour in 1952.

If any people out there are looking to donate towards the project, it's appreciated!

Happy Birthday Brigadoon!

Chuck Pennington
Link John Schmidt Brigadoon chorus member project

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