What I learned from "On Stage" this week
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Yes, I've been quiet the last two weeks with a critique. It has continue to improve from a depth difficult to maintain. Focus on Kid's Night Out and child performers in the theater was a nice theme. Poor Roma still locked in some nightclub bunker, moved from week to week to prevent a hostage escape. But Frank, while nodding his head like some bubblehead, at least talks less. But then the 11:00pm number suckerpunch. There's a website yesbroadway.com and it just released its 40 Under 40 list. Frank made the cut. Roma brought it up as a segue from her review. It is notable that the clip accompanying his name has him interviewing Iain Armitage in the "On Stage" studio. Frank and everyone just do a better interview in the studio setting. Imagine snarky Riedel doing "Theater Talk" from Joe's Pub. He could never do a serious interview there.
Link https://www.yesbroadway.com/

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