No playbills at Cirque Du Soleli Paramour
Posted by: seeseveryshow 04:17 pm EDT 03/13/17

Finally caught up with Paramour last night (TDF ticket) and was surprised that they don't hand out playbills for the show. When I asked for a cast list, I was directed to a promotional color handbill in the lobby that listed the performers and other generic information. One of the ushers told me the house was about 1500 last night, but it fills up on Fridays and Saturdays.

The show was better than I expected as there is a dramatic narrative, simplistic and hackneyed as it may be, about a down on his luck movie director who is trying to find a screen star who will put him back on top. Several of the cirque numbers relate to and attempt to embellish the story. The singing and acting by the three leads is commendable, and the trapeze and trampoline numbers in the second half of the show, are outstanding. Bret Shuford was in last night as the lead.

No standing ovation!

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