CFA isn't a particularly convention Broadway musical
Posted by: BillEadie 06:34 pm EDT 03/13/17
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CFA doesn't follow the format of what regular theatre-goers expect to see in a musical. It doesn't have a star, or really even a leading character - and that's a huge deviation from the norm. Yes, Jenn Collela has a Broadway track record and the only solo song in the show (unless one was added after I saw it in San Diego a couple of years ago), but in the end, she's just as much the town librarian as she is the first woman captain for American Airlines. Its music, as many have noted, doesn't really stand alone - it makes sense in the context of the show but not out of it. And, there's no real conflict (other than the looming menace of the 9/11 attack, many miles away). It's a show about how Canadians responded to caring for 38 airplanes and their passengers when U. S. airspace closed for several days - and, how the people being cared for responded to their situation.

I think that, if anything, CFA celebrates what it means to be Canadian. We in the U. S. take Canada for granted, but it's a different country with people who have somewhat different values than us. CFA points out those differences in its gentle way, and those of us who love it do so in part because we appreciate those differences as they're shown to us. (And, when the band gets cranking following the curtain call, emotionally we're right there with them.)

A show about cultural differences that relies totally on an ensemble effort may be too different to be considered Tony-worthy, but I hope not.

Bill, in San Diego

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