A Request from hitbycab's Family:
Posted by: LynnO (loleary@cal.net) 03:14 am EDT 03/14/17

Irvin, or hitbycab as we knew him, passed away on January 21st after a brief battle with a brain tumor. His friends and family knew that he had a whole group of Broadway chat board friends, and even mentioned us in his obituary (linked below). Irvin's family has asked me to compile your thoughts and "Irvinisms" into a message that will be read at the celebration of his life on April 1st, which also happens to be Irvin's Birthday. I welcome any contributions, short or long, to our tribute to Irvin. You can either post it here, and I will copy it, or you can send it to my email address, which I will link. Please send me something soon, before this note fades from memory, but definitely by Friday or Saturday so I have time to put our thoughts into a cohesive message.
Thank you so very much for remembering our dear hitbycab! -- Lynn
Link Irvin's Obit

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