With outdoor subways not running until 6pm (too late for many cast/crew/audience members), why would some theaters choose to have a performance tonight??
Posted by: summertheater 09:13 pm EDT 03/14/17

Many staff and cast members live along the outdoor lines in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. To ask them to commute via a slow delayed bus then an all-local subway ride is simply selfish and shows no consideration for the safety, time or sanity of cast or crew.

I tried to get into Manhattan today at 5pm, but after severe subway delays (very long wait for the train, then when it finally showed up, it stopped in between practically every station for minutes at a time). I gave up at 6pm when I hadn't even approached the halfway point. I turned around and went back home. And I didn't even need to take a bus to get to Manhattan - this was just the subway part of the commute! I can only imagine people who had to take a bus to a subway since their outdoor line was shut down - did theaters expect people to spend up to 4 hours commuting to the theater???

Nothing was so important that it had to go on tonight, given the severe transit delays and the slippery sidewalks. It seems that money overruled sanity here. FOR SHAME.

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