re: How bad is Bodyguard: The Musical ?
Posted by: richmurphy 08:14 am EDT 03/15/17
In reply to: How bad is Bodyguard: The Musical ? - LVKev 09:55 pm EDT 03/14/17

I saw THE BODYGUARD in Baltimore the weekend before last. Actually, I saw the first act of THE BODYGUARD. It was so bad that we left at intermission, the first time I have done that during a theatrical performance since 2002.

Deborah Cox doesn't do Saturday matinees, which annoyingly wasn't noted on the ticket website back when I bought the tickets. Her alternate was also out, so the lead role was played by someone whose "Notable credits include the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show with Selena Gomez," according to her Playbill bio. Enough said.

The only positives were that the band sounded good, and as noted below, the budget apparently didn't allow for shirts for the chorus boys.

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