I don't think it's box office's responsibility.
Posted by: portenopete 04:43 pm EDT 03/15/17
In reply to: BOX OFFICE-Is it the responsiiblity of B.O. personnel to give you the best price - NJGUY 01:53 pm EDT 03/15/17

I have made the same mistake and I never blame the box office staff. If a customer doesn't think to ask for the cheapest ticket then it's his or her loss.

I am not yet used to the fact that almost every show has a rush or lottery system so I'm sure I have missed out on some good deals, but it's my job to be as informed as possible. The only way those $10-30 rush seat or lotteries exist is because a lot of people are paying full price, so a box office manager can't afford to downsell.

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