Present Laughter
Posted by: stan 07:56 pm EDT 03/15/17

Saw early preview. Rear Mezz TDF seat. Want to say it was Pleasant Laughter, but it wasn't very funny and it wasn't very pleasant. 2 hrs, 40 minutes. 3 acts with one intermission. In 1982, Kate Burton was the ingenue, George C Scott was the Barrymore-like star, and Nathan Lane was the anarchistic sociopath. This version has Kevin Klein, Burton as the almost ex wife, and Colby Smulders, who was unfamiliar to me but got applause when she entered, as the femme fatale, Reg Rogers, the usually very funny Kristine Nielson, and new-comers in the juvenile roles. It was dull instead of droll. Maybe it will pick up. Only polite applause at the end.

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