'HELLO, DOLLY!' preview wins warm welcome
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If you go to BroadwayWorld.com's message board, you'll find a number of very enthusiastic reports.

Whizzer/Marvin is one of the site's regular and reliable first-nighters. Among his observations:

''I am so dumbfounded with joy that I don't know if I can string the words of the English language into sentences right now. You know when Fraulein Schneider looks at the pineapple and says, "I am...overwhelmed," well, 'Hello, Dolly!' is the pineapple of this season. 

''Everything is sumptuous- the costumes are so beautiful (and there as SO many of them), not to mention the sets, backdrops, etc. You don't see anything come close to approaching the opulence on display at The Shubert Theatre today. Everything is a swirl of pastels and bright colors. ... Truthfully I was on the verge of tears several times throughout the night.

''Bette is everything I hoped for and more. She was perfection. The title number will probably go down as the top thrill of the season.

''David Hyde Pierce was also excellent, and 'Penny in My Pocket' was a welcome addition back to the show. He sings it in one and it adds so much to Horace's character. Gavin Creel will be a frontrunner for the Featured Actor Tony. Kate Baldwin sounds lovely & had a little more spunk to her Irene.''

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