re: Why didn't "Groundhog Day" transfer to the West End?
Posted by: sf 06:37 pm EDT 03/16/17
In reply to: Why didn't "Groundhog Day" transfer to the West End? - BillyD 04:11 pm EDT 03/16/17

Matthew Warchus's schedule probably had a great deal to do with it. He isn't simply a freelance director-for-hire, he's the artistic director of the Old Vic, which is why 'Groundhog Day' ended up there in the first place. After 'Groundhog Day' closed in late September, he was scheduled to direct a revival of 'Art' to open in early December; between that, preparing for the Broadway production of 'Groundhog Day', and the day-to-day responsibilities of running a theatre, I doubt an immediate West End transfer was a practical proposition.

(Whether a theatre with the Old Vic's stature and history should be used essentially as a tryout venue for Broadway is another question entirely - although that didn't stop me from buying a ticket.)

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