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It was in the original Broadway production, just not on the cast album. The reason was because Frederic Warriner had been playing Sowerberry (who sings "That's Your Funeral") while the show was on tryouts, and the song had been cut. Barry Humphries, who had played the role in London, took over for the NY opening, and the song was restored...it's in the opening night playbill.

However, the album was recorded during tryouts, in Los Angeles in August 1962. There was so much anticipation for the show that copies of the London cast were being sold (illegally) in the US--and Merrick didn't want to miss three months of sales. The usual method was to record a cast album within a few weeks of the Broadway opening.

The other change was that the Dodger on the cast album was Michael Goodman, replaced in NY by young David Jones, who would later make a Monkee of himself.

Laura, gearing up for March Madness :)

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