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Posted by: mlop 02:51 am EDT 03/17/17
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I cannot think of what to say about HELLO DOLLY There are not enough words to describe how amazing the show was, how amazing Bette Midler was and how amazing the rest of the cast. I did not know what to expect with all the hoopla for the past months. I actually had not planned to go see it at the moment as the ticket piece was steep. So this all was a surprise to me. A friend of mine for a long time, I had seen her for many years sent me a message yesterday would I be interested in joining her and another friend to see Hello Dolly today. A third friend was stranded in Albany unable to get there snowed in and gave me the ticket. Wow, and in row E in the orchestra. I am still glowing from the show. It is the best thing I have ever seen, Bette Midler is amazing, David Hyde Price is amazing, Gavin Creel, Kate Baldwin and I can go on and on as everyone was amazing, from the choreography to the costumes and direction.

Having seen Carol Channing in the original and the two revivals. This is so different. Midler took it into a different direction and was perfect for the part. She works so hard but it all seems so natural. She made the courtroom scene and the eating her own. Before the parade was toned down so that you got the full meaning of the song without so much stuff going on behind her. It wasn't until Channing performed the song at a one woman show alone on the stage did I get the full meaning of what it meant. An added song at the start of Act II "Penny In My Pocket" that was cut out of the Broadway production was done by Pierce. I knew the song as it had been done at various Herman concerts, The applause for Midler went on an on and after most of the number done by the rest of the cast, it was the same, the audience loved everything. The two act show was a three acter with an audience member getting ill and having to stop the show after 45 minute resumed with some of the lines getting bigger laughs because of the situation.

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