Martin Sherman's GENTLY DOWN THE STREAM last night at The Public
Posted by: schauspieler 04:02 pm EDT 03/17/17

A quietly traditional play about a May-December love affair starring Harvey Fierstein. Set in London, spanning fifteen years or so, it ends in the present day with a genuinely moving and uplifting denouement. Fierstein is saddled with a New Orleans accent and for me with my indelible memory of the SNL bit by Jon Lovitz: "I just wanna be loved! Is that so wrong?" which pretty much sums up the role Fierstein is given here. Long monologues by Fierstein about past tragic love affairs and his conviction that gay love affairs always end badly. As the portrait of an old-school gay man trying to believe in the new freedoms that gay people enjoy, it's touching and believable if you can get past Fierstein's innate tendency towards a kind of mawkish sentimentality. He eventually won me over, but I'm the age of his character. I wonder what the young folks will think?

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