re: Boston Opera House Seating?
Posted by: Duke1979 07:22 am EDT 03/18/17
In reply to: Boston Opera House Seating? - bearcat 03:13 pm EDT 03/17/17

It is a beautiful venue that has been restored to its grandeur. However it is quite large and I have been disappointed that they insist on having all of the shows there to maximize seating. It is fine for Wicked and Lion King but putting Curious Incident there? Hopefully the fact that the Colonial will reopen will take care of this problem. Because the house is so wide I would avoid extreme sides in the orch particularly if these seats are in the first few rows. I could see it being a very distorted angle. I sat mid mezz for Book of Mormon. It seemed quite distant but was fine. I would opt for that but I think they define mezz to cover a big area that includes what most would consider a balcony. So you have to watch how high up you are seated. This is supposed to be a great touring production and since I didn't get to see it at LCT I am looking forward to it.

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