Getting back in tune with 'Beauty and the Beast'
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Alan Menken and Tim Rice have written 3 new songs: ''How Does a Moment Last Forever,'' ''Evermore'' and ''Days in the Sun.'' The movie can submit only 2 for Oscar consideration. Since Celine Dion recorded ''How Does a Moment'' to be sung over the closing credits, and Josh Groban has recorded ''Evermore,'' I guess we know which two those will be. The original animated movie didn't find a big solo for the Beast, which the Broadway version remedied with the stirring ''If I Can't Love Her'' to close Act I. ... Since they've spotted a later place in the story for the Beast's solo, they couldn't use that same song with those lyrics. (I still wish they would've re-used the soaring melody of ''If I Can't Love Her'' with new words.)

Finally, asked if making LeFou more openly gay was a salute of sorts to Howard Ashman, Menken says: ''When I look at the movie, OK, if you want to interpret it that way, you could. The only difference is Lefou and Gaston are a little less exaggerated in their behavior, and there's this teeny little wink at the very end that doesn't really say anything. It's beyond tiny, it's not even visible. Listen, anything that's about inclusivity and a tribute to Howard is a beautiful thing. But at this point I just — you know, with the attention that particular [issue] got, I'm just shutting up.''

It's a wise composer who lets his music do his talking for him. ;)
Link The Hollywood Reporter: Alan Menken on recovering lost lyrics and why he's 'shutting up' about the gay character

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