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Glad that you posted this--and that you also were deeply affected by this work. I'd thought of saying something after seeing it today but probably wouldn't have if you hadn't "prompted" me.
I'm so very very glad I decided about a week ago to see KID VICTORY despite so much negative feedback here and from several professional critics. My admiration for John Kander--including his most recent work with Greg Pierce--finally swayed me to get tickets. For quite a while into the show, I was only too aware of the obvious faults, most especially the frequent changes in tone that didn't totally work. But, ultimately, the unceasing gorgeous melodies that this amazing composer--90 today!--could keep turning out and sung by a uniformly brilliant cast of actor/singers made me stop minding the faults.
And, by the end, including--but certainly not limited to--the final scene between Brandon Flynn and David Garrison(who only stepped in this week!), the humanity that came across was something much too rare in the theater to be at all discounted. One of the most moving and rewarding afternoons of theater I've been privileged to witness in a lifetime.

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