CRADLE SONG - Please Help Us Get to the New York Stage
Posted by: robgb (rob@robertgregorybrowne.com) 02:48 pm EDT 03/19/17

Hi, all. I'm Robert Gregory Browne, multi-published novelist, screenwriter, and playwright/composer of CRADLE SONG, a musical about love, loss, forgiveness, and the bonds that tie us.

Broadway Director/Choreographer Drew Geraci had this to say about the play: "Between the hauntingly beautiful melodies and the heart-tugging story Robert has written, Cradle Song is an emotionally powerful rollercoaster ride. At the first NY reading of the play, by the end of both Acts I and II, both the cast and those observing were all in tears. He deftly deals with the issues of a broken family, religious orthodoxy, a marriage on the rocks, the consequences of the ravages of social stigma, and end of life, weaving them all into a touching fabric that everyone can relate to."

This play was a labor of love, written at a time (not long ago) when I was struggling to cope with the passing of old friends and family. The idea took flight when I found a way to channel my emotions into a plot, characters and songs that spoke from the heart.

Now lead producer Beth Rudetsky and I need your help to bring those characters and their songs to the New York stage. As Drew mentioned, we've already had a very successful first reading in New York, but in order to do more we want to raise funds to pay the participants more than a $10 Starbucks card. Toward that end, we're in the midst of an IndieGogo campaign to do just that. We raised some money so far, but are far short of our goal with only a couple weeks left in the campaign.

I hope you'll take a look at the URL I've linked to and consider making even a small donation. Every dollar counts. Thank you!
Link Cradle Song IndieGogo Campaign

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