HELLO DOLLY on Saturday Evening (Possible Spoilers)
Posted by: raregems 05:08 pm EDT 03/19/17

Hello Dolly is a beautiful, bright and shinny production and everyone's doing excellent work. It doesn't differ much in content and physical production from the revival I saw in 1994 with Carol Channing. The sets and costumes are first rate and resemble in concept most other productions I've seen, and the choreography is gleefully derivative of Gower Champion's original work.

The audience loves Bette Midler and she gets a standing ovation on her entrance and for everything else. She is a legend and absolutely deserves the love. For Carol Channing, the role really solidified her stardom and national identity. Bette Midler is already a star. In this way, I very much miss the added element of getting to discover a big new talent in a big new role. I can't wait until Bette Midler takes on an original role for the musical stage. She's a legend with much more greatness in store.

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