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"In this way, I very much miss the added element of getting to discover a big new talent in a big new role. I can't wait until Bette Midler takes on an original role for the musical stage. She's a legend with much more greatness in store."

No disrespect to your impressions, and I hate to throw a damper on your wishes...
but considering that she hasn't been in a Broadway musical in more than 50 years, has never at all taken a starring role in one, and will be turning 72 later this year –
I'd say if you've been waiting to see this particular talent in a big role in a Broadway musical... well, probably, this is it.
And if that's not enough and you're still waiting for her greatness to shine in a big new "ORIGINAL role for the musical stage".... maybe it's just me, but I strongly suspect you might be in for quite a long wait.

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