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And I just went to look for my post on "Ribbons" from that discussion. I thought I'd saved it, but I found that I'd copied and pasted the wrong post. IIRC, I found (as I had expected) that if you listen to the song on the OBCR, the OLCR with Mary Martin, the Pearl Bailey recording and the 1994 recording, you will hear four different orchestrations for that song. Herman had not been happy with the original orchestration (who knows why?) and had a new one done for the 1994 production.

Although now I can't remember if it wasn't 100-percent clear that the orchestrations for the song on OBCR and the Bailey recordings were different or if they were just mixed so differently that it sounded like they might be. Also, I remember noticing that the orchestra seems to have been set up differently in Webster Hall for those two recordings in terms of where some sections were placed. And I recall that the two different issues of the OBCR mixed the song so differently that some things that were barely audible on one were rather prominently heard on the other.

Unfortunately, I'm away from home and so it's not convenient for me to do new comparisons (although at least a couple of those recordings are on youtube from Masterworks Broadway).

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