re: Uh, seriously?
Posted by: fidelio1010 07:37 am EDT 03/20/17
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And take a course in creative writing. Possibly the quote was out of context like "No way, I have more important things to do." If Donald Trump bought an ice cream cone he would be criticized for buying vanilla instead of chocolate because he had an intent in a vanilla bean plantation; or he was cheap because he bought one scoop instead of two; or he was selfish because he ate it instead of giving it to the children in line in back of him. I say Sunset Blvd 20 years ago with Ms. Close and it was a thrilling memorable experience. I went this time because of the review. Now THAT was fake news. I'm signing off now. and will probably delete my facebood account and quit this site as well since it's mostly theater people self congradulating themselves or petty people with no lives who argue about an obscure line of a lyric of a show that closed out of town

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