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Posted by: NewtonUK 01:35 pm EDT 03/20/17
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I wanted to scream at him to get therapy. The play has its laughs, but the relentlessly neurotic and annoying central character could never get a guy - who could stand him? The miracle is that his 3 lady friends can put up with him. Neurotic men and women, straight or gay or whatever, who can;t stop talking and have all the disorders of this central character will never find love and happiness. How could anyone put up with it?

And meanwhile, the 3 women in this play all marry cartoons - none of the matches make any logical sense, and none of the 'husbands' have characters other than a one second joke when you meet them. Really? Thats all the author can come up with?

On Broadway, I fear the scrutiny of the cliched plotting, and cookie cutter characters, put too much pressure on what I am sure was an enjoyable little off Broadway rom-com with a bittersweet ending - albeit one that comes , for me, about 30 minutes after all the characters had worn out their welcome.

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