re: As middle aged gay spoilers
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 01:56 pm EDT 03/20/17
In reply to: re: As middle aged gay spoilers - NewtonUK 01:35 pm EDT 03/20/17

"And meanwhile, the 3 women in this play all marry cartoons - none of the matches make any logical sense, and none of the 'husbands' have characters other than a one second joke when you meet them. Really? Thats all the author can come up with?"

I think the play has its flaws, but while it's true that not much time is spent on the the three husbands, I don't think it's at all fair to describe them as "cartoons." One of them in particular is very well written and played by John Behlmann. In fact, I would say that character is arguably better written and less cartoonish than the central character, and I think maybe you might actually agree with me on that part :-)

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