Is COE even about religion?
Posted by: Teacher64 07:58 pm EDT 03/20/17
In reply to: Children of Eden opposition - bearcat 02:44 pm EDT 03/20/17

I know it has God as a major character and tells tales from the Bible. But I always felt that the true theme of the musical had to with parenting and in particular the difficulty parents have when their children step out in the world on their own. All the Biblical tales it tells have that same theme repeated.

"And it's only in Eden grows a rose without a thorn
And your children start to leave you
On the day that they were born
They will leave you there to cheer for them
They will leave you there to mourn ever so
Like an ark on uncharted seas their lives will be tossed
And the deeper is your love for them
The crueler is the cost
And just when they start to find themselves
Is when you fear they're lost ohhh
But you cannot close the acorn
Once the oak begins to grow
And you cannot close your heart
To what it fears and needs to know
That the hardest part of love
Is the letting go."

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