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Posted by: Singapore/Fling 09:16 pm EDT 03/20/17
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(with apologies to Wayman Wong, who is much better at the pun thing)

I appreciate the way that you wish to use the forum, and your impression of how the forum works. But I am not aware of any rule or agreement which states that we are debating issues rather than people, nor do I see why that is a preferable distinction to make, aside from making things less personal.

Partly in light of the moderators' question a few months back as to why this site isn't operating as more of a community, I've made the choice to be more personal, albeit in a respectful and productive manner. As we are in a debate about NEA funding, and as an example came along that points to the bleak future of arts funding ahead of us (with our without the NEA, of course; this is more a question of degrees), I thought it entirely appropriate to bring your attention to the matter. We are, after all, debating each other, whether you wish to see it in those terms or no.

Please understand, it is a matter of my respect for you that I put your name in the subject heading. I would never expect some of the other posters who espouse right-wing views to take the time to answer a question about their beliefs. You are an articulate, reasonable person, and I appreciate knowing why you think the way you think.

Now that I know your preference for Forum Decorum, I will honor that in the future. Just please be aware that your sense of how the forum works is not necessarily a universally held belief. There's no reason that it shouldn't be, but I don't think we've ever had that conversation. There are strong rules against personal attacks and animosity (as there should be), but nothing that I know about flagging a topic for another person to consider and answer. I did not put any time limits on your response, as another poster did, and I appreciate that you got back to me when you had the chance. To me, that's the forum working, but I respect that you see it differently.

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