No, No, Nanette With Helen Gallagher
Posted by: raydan 10:26 pm EDT 04/13/17

Recently I listened to an interview on Sirius Radio (Musical Theater project)with Helen Galagher talking about her career. What a gem of an hour! I got to see the official tour with Don Ameche and Evelyn Keyes and it was an eyepopping spectacle. The interview spent a great amount of time on the show and I loved reminiscing about seeing even the just the tour. Those Raoul Pene Du Bois production designs were over the top. While I know the show was old fashion, it fit perfectly in for that 1920's revival that was popular in the 1970's. She was saying how Burt Shevelove was a master showman.

A few years later I saw the Dallas Summer Musicals production with a Ginger Rogers and I got her autograph. After curtain calls, she chatted with the audience and introduced her mom in the audience who was sitting with Liz Taylor's mom. Needless to say, the crowd went nuts. Rogers was truly an old fashion mega star. Lovely to chat with.

Who got to see this spectacle back in the 1970's?

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