re: No, No, Nanette With Helen Gallagher
Posted by: 37Rubydog 12:36 pm EDT 04/14/17
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I saw it in '72....I was 8. I still have the souvenir program and I remember how thrilled I was when my dad bought the LP for me. We lived in CA at the time, so broadway shows were few and far between for me. Patsy Kelly was amazing and I particularly remember Gallagher and Bobby Van...and of course Ruby. Susan Watson had left the cast as Nanette...I would have to get the program to see who took her place.

I wanted to be Gallagher - especially in Hubby Gone Blues. Alas when I was cast in a production - it was as Nanette...that's what you get for being a skinny blond in your 20s. Nowadays I'd probably get Sue...but would rather play Pauline.

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