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And even then, there's no guarantee the child is ready for an expensive Broadway show. One of my unhappiest experiences was a few years ago when I had excellent orchestra seats for "On the Town," and was seated next to a family of four--father, mother, and two little boys. The little boys kept asking their parents questions, and it was clear that the family's first language was not English--which may have been, in part, why the children kept asking questions (in a language that sounded slavic, but I could not identify as I was TRYING to hear what the actors were saying). I understood the frustration the little boys must have been feeling--not knowing why people were laughing at certain points, etc. And the mother took them out after I turned to scowl one too many times. The father apologized during intermission and my hope was that the mother would take the kids back to the hotel, realizing the experiment had not work. Alas, they all returned. They were moderately quieter during Act II. I am all in favor of children getting exposure to the arts as early as possible, but that's why there is children's theatre, circuses or other spectacles, or community theaters. It was less the fault of the children per se and simply lack of consideration by the parents. It may have been the first time they had tried it and it may have been that a hotel concierge assured them that the show was age-appropriate for kids (it wasn't, not because of any "mature" content problems--though Hildy is clearly trying to seduce Chip--but because much depends on the cleverness of wordplay. And maybe dropping 170.00 a ticket each for a family of four was ice cream money for this family, but it wasn't for many of the rest of us.

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