re: Fun Home -- Public vs. Tour
Posted by: Delvino 12:13 am EDT 04/15/17
In reply to: Fun Home -- Public vs. Tour - dlittle 11:34 pm EDT 04/14/17

I can't comment on the staging, but the show continued to be revised, and one song was dropped (the "Call Me Al..." number, which stole from the second half off the show) and at least one number re-staged. The creators said the show was re-thought fully for Circle, so that must mean that some aspects of focus, pacing, and other elements were subsequently re-configured for the proscenium staging. Logically, what worked -- blocking-wise only -- at the Public might've been re-purposed. But the show settled in for a year plus at Circle, and surely that brilliant production's qualities figured in the staging for the tour. I can't believe it was simply a question of re-minting original blocking.

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