Posted by: sergius 12:03 pm EDT 04/15/17

It's political theatre season on Broadway. The four most prominent new plays this year (OSLO, SWEAT, A DOLL'S HOUSE, PART 2, and INDECENT) are all, to varying degrees, good examples of didactic theatre. But, to my mind, only one, OSLO, manages to to be consistently interesting dramatically. INDECENT is beautifully presented and played, and it's subject is compelling, but it lacks narrative momentum. It may be that I just prefer character driven rather than argument driven theatre, but INDECENT suffers some for privileging the latter over the former. Even as Vogel leans heavily, and smartly, on the edifying dimensions of the play's events, I was left feeling that there was more to this story than was conveyed. Perhaps it has something to do with the popular trend these days of presenting plays in 90 or 100 uninterrupted minutes. Here, as in A DOLL'S HOUSE, PART 2, there's the sense that narrative depth has potentially been sacrificed to brevity. And to the director's equal involvement in creatively staging what appears to be a rather spare text. Regardless, it's good to have vibrant, thoughtful works like this to see, most especially on Broadway.

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