End of the Rainbow in sf bay area
Posted by: dramedy 12:41 pm EDT 04/15/17

I was looking through goldstar and noticed a production of rainbow in Walnut Creek. Although gold star didn't have any tickets left, there were some at box office. (Take note producers to sell some on goldstar is good publicity for even full price). I didn't see the show on Broadway and didn't think a regional production would be worth the time and money. Wrong. Janelle lutz is a fine Judy garland. Lucky for her, she is still young but still did a credible job playing 47. I really liked the play itself mixing concert with backroom scenes and the exploiting of a declining star by the those around her. Lutz has played the part before, so she brings a lot to the part going from high to lows really well. I liked clay David as the gay British pianist as well. And the small band was not overamplified in the small venue--Feinstein could learn a thing or twof from this group. It plays through next weekend and tickets are 39. The front side seats are real seats and not wheelchair only.

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