'Groundhog Day' coverage: Who's in charge of news judgment at Playbill.com?
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* Yesterday, ''Groundhog Day'' released a statement announcing the cancellation of their Saturday matinee and the news that Andrew Call would go on in the evening show. BroadwayWorld.com posted this statement at 9:45 a.m. ... It took Playbill.com nearly an hour before they posted the same statement.

* If you go to Playbill.com now (Sun. at 1:30 a.m., EST): ''TODAY'S TOP STORY'' is ''Paramour ends Broadway run.'' ... Huh? There's a giant question as to whether a multi-million-dollar Tony contender might cancel its Monday opening, in the wake of Andy Karl's injury ... and the top story is ''Paramour's'' closing?

What's more, here are the 4 ''OTHER TOP STORIES'' that lead the Playbill home page:
* Photo features: Celebrate Kelli O'Hara on the Broadway Stage
* Special features: Tim Minchin on his score for 'Groundhog Day'
* Photo features: A look back at 'A Doll's Life'
* Video: Join these Broadway stars in protecting the NEA

Doesn't anyone update the Playbill homepage on the weekend? Underneath all that is the misnamed ''LATEST NEWS.''

Guess how far down you have to scroll until you read its April 15 ''Groundhog'' update about Karl's injury?

It's buried 10 stories down; it's even below story No. 5 about ''Groundhog'' star Barrett Doss on how to nail an audition.

Shouldn't there be an April 16th ''Groundhog'' update (at the top) about what happened at last evening's show with Call's understudy debut?

Look, I love to read Playbill. For 4 years, I originated and wrote their ''Leading Men'' column and worked with wonderful people there.

But as a journalist, it pains me to see Playbill bungle its coverage and online display of this breaking news story about Andy Karl.

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