re: Theater websites eclipsed by social media
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In reply to: Theater websites get away with lower journalistic standards ... because it's a weekend? - WaymanWong 09:11 am EDT 04/16/17

I hear you Wayman
Playbill.Com should be the gold standard for where theatre devotees go-to for the latest news of all things BROADWAY

Circa 1998 pre-social media it was my morning ritual to enter w-w-w.playbill.com on my computer (actually Web-TV -back then)
now it is ATC (via a link on BroadwayStars.Com)

I question - why should I still maintain a web site to showcase my photography
when I can get my latest street photograph/ celeb pic out to colleagues & fans on one of my many fb pages to over 5K with the simple touch of the POST button

Who knew when this internet thing first came into existence that one day web domains would take a back seat to the ever evolving viral phenom called SOCIAL MEDIA -
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