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Posted by: SidL 11:14 am EDT 04/16/17
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Thanks SQ - yes, I am well aware how fb is set-up to make revenue

but the difference between my personal page and the FB "LIKE" Pages is that you will get an account of how many views
once something is posted - for example my Boston Theatre pg Tremont & Stuart can get up to 1200 views on an initial post

When we were fighting to save the magnificent Colonial Theatre from becoming a dining hall for Emerson College students, I would drop a few bucks on a post to reach the people who are "friends" of the people that "like"the page
I may have had up to 7K views on an investment of $30
over three days. Well worth it in my opinion . I only wish Social Media was around a few decades before so that similar efforts could have been made to save some of the theaters and other great structures we have lost to greedy real estate moguls and politicians getting envelopes filled with cash.
Link T&S

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