re: Waiver?
Posted by: ryhog 10:32 pm EDT 04/16/17
In reply to: Waiver? - aleck 08:41 pm EDT 04/16/17

First of all, it is their awards which means they can do as they please with it.

Second of all, the alternative is that the producer would postpone the opening until Karl is back, which at this point in the season would wreak havoc on the crowded schedule of last minute openings.

Third of all, there is obviously no effect on the nomination or award process, nor is anyone manipulating the credits.

Fourth of all, what is the slippery slope? That there will be a parade of people short-term injuring themselves the weekend before openings so that they can have their star miss opening night?

Sometimes, I think you gotta think about what you are saying.

If the admin committee can permit (as it has) alternates to all be nominated and (of necessity) only one performing on opening night, this is a no brainer.

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