Posted by: sergius 11:52 pm EDT 04/16/17

No matter how you slice it, SWEENEY TODD is one of the musical theatre's best works of art. Here, with only eleven actors and musicians, the impact of this most perfect of Sondheim's shows is as powerful, and as sardonic, as ever. The show's conceit is wonderfully executed, and hearing the score played and sung so elementally somehow makes it seem an even greater achievement. It turns out that SWEENEY TODD's bones are so good that very few so called "production values" are needed. With resplendent imagination and a collection of wonderful singing actors--David Michael Garry, in for Norm Lewis, was one of the best Sweeneys I've seen--this production is a tonic, a miracle elixir if you will, that's somehow as reassuring as it is thrilling. All around, it's an epitome of invention. And plainly magnificent theatre.

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