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Posted by: T.B._Admin. 06:21 pm EDT 04/17/17

Matthew Murray takes a look at Groundhog Day:

Andy Karl looked to be in visible pain at the end of the Friday night press performance of Groundhog Day, the new musical at the August Wilson. As you've undoubtedly heard by now, a misplaced landing coming off a leapfrog in the climactic number "Philanthrophy" led to a knee injury that forced Karl to lean on a knobby walking stick for the final few scenes, avoiding the terrors of the set's myriad revolves and the dancing performers all around him. Though he returned to the show for Monday's opening, there was at least one positive aspect to what could easily have been a tragedy: It provided a much-needed and deeply affecting glimpse of Karl at his most emotionally naked and vulnerable, when there were no tricks left for him to rely on. . . .

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