N.Y. Times rave for 'Groundhog Day': Brantley pops up his head and sees Andy Karl as 'a bona fide musical star'
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Ben Brantley: ''Repetition is an art of infinite variety as it's practiced by Andy Karl in "Groundhog Day," the dizzyingly witty new musical from the creators of "Matilda." Portraying a man doomed to relive a single day over and over and over again in a small town that becomes his custom-fitted purgatory, Mr. Karl is so outrageously inventive in ringing changes on the same old, same old, that you can't wait for another (almost identical) day to dawn. ...

''Thanks to his character’s successive reincarnations, Mr. Karl is giving not one but many of the best performances of the season.''
Link N.Y. Times: A Star Is Born (and Born and Born) in 'Groundhog Day'

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