Look, this is a guy whose favorite musicals in the last year were....
Posted by: ShowGoer 01:25 pm EDT 04/18/17
In reply to: Isherwood on Groundhog... - Michaels 12:06 pm EDT 04/18/17

"Tuck Everlasting",
"Bright Star",
"A Bronx Tale" (all Critic's Picks before he, ahem, left the Times)
and now "Amelie",
but s firmly on the record as not liking Hamilton much at all
and had an allergic reaction to Groundhog Day,
(To be fair, he did love The Great Comet, but then he was championing that from day one off-Broadway -
and I think he had a few good things to say about "Dear Evan Hansen", although much like a few of the Groundhog Day reviews, he said the show's appeal was inseperable from its leading man.)

The charitable impression is that he simply has horrible taste.
More likely, whether because he likes his name quoted in ads (see: full-page spread for Amelie in the Times last week),
has had inappropriate relationships with producers (which has been well-documented),
is getting bribed (as some have alleged or insinuated),
or simply hates Hates HATES Ben Brantley and always wants to say the opposite of whatever Ben's said, or whatever he THINKS Ben's going to say -
or some combination of any or all of the above -
more likely, as others in this thread have suggested,
he's just nearly always basically written the gist of his review in his head before he even gets to the theatre.

That's unacceptable, whatever the reasons,
and we shouldn't even spend energy giving him further attention.
Let the Times sort it out with him in court, where I have no doubt they'll prevail.

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