re: The "Courtney, Take Your Break" LEGALLY BLONDE montages
Posted by: MikeR 01:35 pm EDT 04/18/17
In reply to: re: The "Courtney, Take Your Break" LEGALLY BLONDE montages - Drew288 12:48 pm EDT 04/18/17

I reserve my snark for the theater companies that release these videos as promotional tools. If the performances aren't very good, and your video features a magic dress that switches from pink to red and back again, and your Elle is wearing a jacket, then not wearing it, then wearing it again (all in the same scene), then maybe that video isn't the best way to promote your theater.

Some of these videos are clearly shot from the audience by parents and/or friends, so the theater companies can't really control that. But I remain mystified at the ones that are obviously pro shot and released on the companies' YouTube channels.

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