When actors' knees fail: Bacall in "Applause"
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In Lauren Bacall's first book she goes into her Andy Karl experience: July 31st, 1970, when her knee gave way and then popped in the disco scene, in a not dissimilar fashion, and began to swell. She went to a sports doctor, one who had treated Joe Nameth and prominent ballet stars. He started working with her immediately, and she avoided surgery. She played all 8 performances of "Applause," but without her only dance number, "But Alive!" for three weeks. She talks about the experience precisely as Karl does in the moving Times interview this morning -- that sense of so much hard work snatched away in a moment's notice. I have singer friends who speak of the voice with the same anxiety. It's always there when you need it, except when it isn't. Then, you fear all might be lost.

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