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Posted by: mlop 12:37 pm EDT 04/19/17
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I was amazed he was able to do the opening night after such a short time after the accident. I guess his body energy was 100%. He barely leaves the stage and does these stunts throughout. My question was would he be able to get through two shows a day. He needs to take care of his knee as much as he can. It is not worth anything to destroy it and be a cripple. He has a whole future ahead of him. He needs to heal and maybe the 8 or 9 performances will help him to rest and do what he can. I thought he was amazing in the show non stop.

His being physically fit to start with will help the healing. When Chita Rivera was in the car accident. Her body was in perfect shape. Her broken leg healed faster than any doctor surmized. The doctors said she was three or four months ahead of what she should have been at the time right after at the hospital.

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