Festival of International Quixotes
Posted by: AlanScott 12:53 pm EDT 04/19/17
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I saw Jack Dabdoub both times I saw it.

Somegoro Ichikawa was one of several replacements in the production's "Festival of International Quixotes." He barely spoke any English when he agreed to do it here. Nonetheless, I've heard he was very, very good. Others in the "festival" were Claudio Brook (Mexico), Keith Michell (London), Charles West (Australia), and Gideon Singer (Israel). Others who played the role during the run were José Ferrer, John Cullum (first as a matinee alternate, then full time for a short period), David Atkinson, Hal Holbrook, Robert Wright, and matinee alternates Laurence Guittard, David Holliday, and Dabdoub.

In spite of my skepticism about sketchy reports on this next replacement at one time (because I could find no record of it from a source I thought was reliable), Lloyd Bridges may have played it for two weeks. He was advertised, but I've also heard that he ended not playing any performances (or very few) because of vocal issues. This two-week run was a prep run for what was supposed to be a three-month run later. That later run never happened.

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