re: HELLO DOLLY! Tonight
Posted by: AC126748 08:25 am EDT 04/20/17
In reply to: HELLO DOLLY! Tonight - sergius 12:24 am EDT 04/20/17

Midler, particularly, is giving a careful and predictable performance. She neatly inserts her concert persona into the character of Dolly Levi--which seems fine since Levi has always been a sort of narcissistic extension of those who play her--but she's somewhat staid; her heart doesn't quite seem in it. And, inexplicably, the music seems to be a challenge for her. Only "So Long Dearie" really suits her stylistically and sits comfortably in her range.

Spot-on. Staid is the perfect descriptor. It's a professional, even thoughtful performance--but rarely thrilling.

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