Charlie & The Chocolate Factory last night
Posted by: friendodot (friendodot@yahoo.com) 10:07 am EDT 04/20/17

I was wary of seeing Charlie & The Chocolate Factory based on the comments I've read here basically saying it was an unfixable disaster. However, maybe it's because my expectations were lowered, but I loved it. They realize that the original movie was what everyone loved and they adhere to it, but expand, adding more information about each (main) character and their relationships without weighing the proceedings down. I think they've done clever things with the set design, costumes, and lighting to suggest rather than be too literal, with nods to Quentin Blake, the two movie versions, and to Looney Tunes (you'll get it when you see the set and see the flash of Bugs Bunny in the show). Christian Borle was a perfect choice for Willy Wonka. The Oompa-Loompas steal the show. Of the new songs, there are many good ones with a lot of verve and zest, and some that are a bit generic, but they all serve the story. I think if you go in with a chip on your shoulder because basically, you didn't like the Willy Wonka movie or you don't like anything that deigns to "entertain", then you'll get what you're expecting. But go with an open mind and a bit of pure imagination.

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