Six Degrees
Posted by: jjhbb340 10:22 am EDT 04/20/17

Saw yesterday's matinee.No production could ever approach the genius of the original (the terrible film version proved that), but I was pretty impressed.John Benjamin Hickey had more of a presence than John Cunningham and Corey Hawkins also excelled. But this play depends on the transformation of Ouisa and in fifty years of attending theater,I never saw a more perfect fusion of actress and character than Stockard Channing's.I saw the original ten times just to amazed by her brillance-a stunning performance that broke your heart at the end...I'm happy to report Allison Janney is also wonderful in the part! She touches all the bases from the humor to the self realization at the end.And she looks great in Clint Ramos' costumes! Easily one of the best performances of the season-hope the Tonys don't overlook this Ouisa as they shockingly,unbelievably did with Channing's.

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