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Posted by: AlanScott 03:01 pm EDT 04/20/17
In reply to: Six Degrees - jjhbb340 10:22 am EDT 04/20/17

I was there last night. I agree that Janney is the strength of the production, and that Hickey and Hawkins are also good (although I miss the undercurrent of danger that all three Pauls I saw during the run of the original production brought to the role). I found the production around them a bit uneven, and I've never felt that the play, despite all the acclaim it received originally, was one of John Guare's best. Dazzling passages mix with disappointing ones, and it never quite coheres for me.

I wasn't quite the fan of Channing's Ouisa that you were. She was very good, but I felt that Kelly Bishop made more sense of the role, even if she wasn't as funny. In any case, Janney is a worthy successor, and the current production is worth seeing (although not as strong as the original).

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