The Midler "Divineness" (Divinity?) is part of a particular persona, even when sung.
Posted by: Delvino 03:20 pm EDT 04/20/17
In reply to: re: Could someone articulate why the music seems to challenge her? - AC126748 03:11 pm EDT 04/20/17

I've seen her live since I was in my mid-20s. The Divine persona is a woman with both rue and ever-twinkling eyes, the blend a kind of coping mechanism, everything is somehow earnest and yet ironic just this side of cynical. Deep feeling but a sense of ridiculous about it. She is world-weary, yet energized. When she was 30, a zesty world-weariness as an adopted mantle had a kind of sophistication, a send-up we could savor, because she knew it was put on, and that was fun: sharing the joke. It evoked her idols, Tucker and others. But perhaps now that she's truly a kind of grand dame herself, a peer of those she borrowed from, it has less pith, less homage and shows more strain. I am shadow boxing here in light of the number of disappointed posts, and your appraisal in particular. But maybe the very qualities that inspired her casting are too familiar now?

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